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Web Browsers

The website can be viewed across a wide range of browsers..

We recommend Firefox 3.5 and above or Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 8.0 or above to take full advantage of all our website's facilities.

If you are not sure what browser you are using, click on "Help" on the menu. At the bottom it should say "About Browser Name". Click this and it will open a small window which will tell you what version you are using. If you are still using Internet Explorer 6 please visit this website to find out why you should upgrade.

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Changing browser settings to suit you :-

Internet Explorer

Font size and colour

To ensure that website fonts and colours are optimised for accessibility:

Changing font

Text in a font such as Arial is easier to read than one such as Times New Roman. To change the text font:

Enlarging text

Changing font and background colours

As a result of the fonts, typefaces and background colours used in web page design, you may find some text difficult to read. You can however choose settings to suit you. A distinct contrast can be achieved using black text on a yellow background. To change the text and background colours:

To prevent graphics from appearing on web pages:

To change the size of the window:

There are other options to tailor web pages that help make them easier to read. These may be found under the 'Tools' menu


To make any changes to your browser settings, you should first open the 'Options' box by clicking on 'Tools' and selecting 'Options'. You may then choose to make any of the changes listed below.

To change the text font and size:

To change the text and background colours:

To prevent images from loading on web pages:

Other Changes

For further assistance in changing your browser settings, there is also a 'Help' menu on your browser toolbar. Please refer to this for further information.